18 6 / 2012

Brothers & Bones Gold and Silver

Because theres nowhere to run, no theres nowhere to run  
Gold and silver means nothing to the blind So don’t weigh yourself down, before you find your eyes

11 6 / 2012

11 6 / 2012

King Charles Bam Bam

She said 
'I will never be your queen'

18 5 / 2012

Charles Pasi The Private’s Last Night

Tomorrow I will be gone

17 5 / 2012

"Some like their cider when they herald from the west country
Some keep it herbal when they want to rest their eyelids
Others smoke to numb their brains and leave themselves in silence"

Lace On Lipstick 'Some Take Tequila

17 5 / 2012

17 5 / 2012

Sharon Van Etten All I Can

We all make mistakes
We all try to free
The zise of the past
We don’t wanna last

15 5 / 2012

"Let’s go underground
Where we can’t be found
And forget the world around us darling"

Mariama Underground

15 5 / 2012

Imany Pray for Help

I trust my faith
I don’t have anything else
All I want is to surrender
So I can finally rest

14 5 / 2012

Louise and The Pins Sould I Stay or Sould I Go (Clash cover)

If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double